About Us

Our Story​

SDM Polytechnic was established in the year 2008 and is managed by SDM Educational Society – Ujire. The institution offers 3 years 6 Semester Diploma courses in the disciplines of Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Since its establishment the management has taken huge strides towards enhancing excellence in all spheres of education. We are consistently exerting efforts to develop quality of education including appropriate attitude, behavior, technical and non- technical competencies. Constant upgrading of the facilities from lab to library is made. We have a team of highly qualified, dedicated and distinguished faculty. Ample opportunities are being provided to the students to take part in curricular, co-curricular and sports activities.

Our Emblem

"विज्ञानं ब्रह्मेति व्यजनात्"

This line is taken from “Taittiriya Upanishad”. It means scientific knowledge is brahma. (As Bhrugu maharshi realised) One needs to understand Science and Technology to know the eternal truth. Foliages represent growth and prosperity. Whereas, the earth and satellite signify the role of science & technology in enabling us to get connected across the globe and to understand the universe in detail. The color blue symbolizes: Calmness, Stability, Trust, Loyalty, Inspiration, Creativity, Spirituality, Intuition, Depth, Wisdom. Saffron is a sacred color that symbolizes: Sacrifice, Purity, Wisdom, Light and Quest for salvation.


providing quality technical education to post-matriculate rural masses enhancing their potential for better placement in Industry and Business.


Educating and training the stake holder with the help of the best faculty and using latest available infrastructure

Core Values

About Dharmasthala

Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala is the encompassing force sustaining all SDM institutions, social initiatives and organisations. The temple town of Dharmasthala that fosters multiple faiths under the watchful eye of Lord Manjunatha is a pilgrimage, an attraction and a spiritual healing centre, keeping intact the values and ideals of institutions functioning under the guidance of the Dharmadhikari.

The name Dharmasthala is a symbol for the confluence of all necessary social attributes. This town is where you can arrive at if you seek to find modernization grow perfectly rooted in traditions. Religion, spirituality, social welfare, education, entrepreneurship, healthcare – you name it – and you’ll find it here

About SDME Society

Shri DharmasthalaManjunatheshwara Educational [SDME] Society, Ujire® was established with the primary objective of making education accessible and affordable to the rural youth. With the hallmarked vision of inculcating Value into Education, at present, it manages 56 educational institutions from Kindergarten to Doctoral Studies in the state of Karnataka in India. The institutions offer quality education in the fields of General, Law, Technical, Medical and Management Studies. These institutions ensure quality through updated skill sets and value based education.

The Principal

Mr. Santhosha obtained his B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from UBDTCE, Davanagere. With a dedicated service of 14 years at the same institute, he has contributed significantly to its growth. During his tenure, he served as the Head of the Electronics & Communication department for an impressive 11 years . Additionally worked for one year as a lecturer at SNS Polytechnic, Sunkadakatte.


Dr. Veerendra Heggade


Prof. S. Prabhakar

Vice – President

Sri D. Surendra Kumar

Vice President

Sri D. Harshendra Kumar,


Dr. Satheeshchandra S


Sri D Shreyes Kumar


Academic Advisory Committee

1 Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade Chairman President, SDM Educational Society, Ujire
2 Sri. D Harshendra Kumar Member Secretary, SDM Educational Society, Ujire
3 Dr. Satishchandra Member Secretary, SDM Educational Society, Ujire
4 Sri Harisha T Member Assistant Director, DTE, Bangalore
5 Sri Harisha Shetty Member Principal, Karnataka Polytechnic, Mangalore & Board of Technical Education Software Developer
6 Sri. Vishwanath T Member Managing Director, V V Technologies, Tumkur
7 Sri. Shiva Prasad Ajila Member Assistant Executive Engineer(civil) PWD, Belthangady
8 Sri. Santosha Member Principal SDM Polytechnic, Ujire